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Agriculture of Lebanon: Call for higher tobacco prices, apple fair in Baalbek


During a meeting held in Mais el Jabal yesterday, Marjeyoun tobacco growers called on Speaker Nabih Berri to help increase the prices of tombac and tobacco supplies in the wake of the depreciation of the national currency and the corresponding decline in farmers’ purchasing power. The head of the Cooperative Association of Agricultural and Livestock Development in Mais el Jabal, Abbas Zahreddine, grieved the farmers’ anguish in the past years due to the hike in production costs in the absence of a unified price benchmark in southern towns. He demanded a quick release of farmers’ money in cash, notwithstanding the current condition of banks, in order to avoid a crisis similar to last year’s. On the other hand, the Lebanese Organization for Studies and Training, LOST, inaugurated on Saturday the annual apple fair in the Community Farm in the Baalbek Plains. This is the third farmers' market held with the aim to prop local production, provide wider opportunities and build direct producer-consumer relationships. The two-day event which embraced 51 households included a special booth for traditional home-made mouneh and honey, in addition to fun activities for kids and folkloric performances.  (Al Diyar, October 11, 12, 2020)

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