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Al 3azm political movement organizes a training workshop on Business Etiquette for women managers || Newspapers (Arabic)


The women section of the Al 3azm movement organised a training workshop on business etiquette targeting women managers from several sectors.  The event was organised yesterday at the Al 3azm educational complex in Tripoli.  The workshop included lectures through Skype by Jinane and Giovanni Anous from California.  This was followed by an address from the responsible of the 3azm movement women section, Jinan Mobayyed followed by a Q and A session.The event was organised within the framework of a series of activities organised by the women section and which seek to build women’s skills and upgrade their work capacities.  The training events highlight subjects such as work environment, improving performance and communication amongst women employees and between women employees and clients.

Source: Al-Nahar 24 April 2013

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