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Aleya Ibn Al-Insan a second centre for women victims of substance abuse


An Nahar newspaper published a profile report on the Aleya Ibn Al-Insan which was set up in 2005 by the former spiritual guide of prisons in Lebanon, Father Marwan Ghanem.  The centre which seeks to treat and rehabilitate victims of substance abuse, has now allocated a new section for women.  So far, the centre has received 13 young women three of whom have completed their rehabilitation and reintegrated society.  Aleya Ibn Al-Insan is the second of such centre targeting women with care and rehabilitation similarly after that of Um al Noor.  Rehabilitation programmes are diverse and included spiritual guidance, psychotherapy (both individual and group therapy conducted with specialised social worker), personal assessments, and family visits in order to improve family relations as well as family follow ups.  In addition, the centre sets up social groups and organises awareness raising lectures and various cultural activities such as reading of literature and spiritual books and attending ICT training.  Language training is also provided in addition to theater and music sessions.  The period of the therapy will extend over a minimum of one year which once completed is followed by psychotherapy, spiritual guidance and social support.  To be noted that the daily needs of the centre and its patients are secured with external funding in addition to donations and auto generated income from various fundraising activities.
Source: Al-Nahar 23 October 2013

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