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Amal Movement nominates Inaya Ezzedine for upcoming parliamentary elections


In the framework of activating the participation of women in the political life and after the nomination of a number of women to the upcoming parliamentary elections (:, Amal Movement announced that it will nominate minister Inaya Ezzedine, for the upcoming parliamentary elections, to be her party’s first representative in the Legislative. In a related vein, the ministry of state for women’s affairs, jointly with UN Women, UNDP-Lebanese Elections Assistance Project and the EU hosted a media meeting at the Movenpick Hotel to mobilize the media to promote gender equality in the political process and to encourage women participation in parliamentary elections. At the end of the media session, participants agreed to endorse media communication with women candidates, highlight their programs and ideas and effectively contribute to the ongoing advocacy campaign under the motto, ‘Half of Society, Half of Parliament’. Also on the same day, the president of the National Commission for Lebanese Women (NCLW) Claudine Aoun Rukuz, and upon the invitation of the Santa Teresa group, gave a lecture entitled, ‘Women’s rights: law and reality’. During the talk, organized by Dr. Cynthia Gharib, Rukuz gave a detailed presentation of local laws and their economic and social impact on the people of Lebanon, particularly women. Some of the laws she mentioned are: the social security law, protection of women from domestic violence, the labor law, the penal code, protection of underage girls from early marriage, the nationality law, the personal status law and the participation of women in politics. (Al Mustaqbal, An Nahar, February 17, 19. 2018)

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