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American female astronaut breaks record for longest time in space


American astronaut Christina Kock, 42, returned to earth yesterday after 328 consecutive days, nearly 11 months, at the international space station, breaking the previous record of 289 days set by Peggy Whitson. Two days before her landing, Kock told NBC on Tuesday that she is going to miss the ‘zero gravity’. “There is a real pleasure in living in a place where you can jump from floor to ceiling whenever you like,” she boasted. Kock mentioned that Whitson, 59, who completed three space missions, remains her hero and role model, irrespective of the newly set record. Kock, an American engineer, to recall, has participated in the first all-female spacewalk alongside American marine biologist, Jessica Meir, in October 2019. (An Nahar, February 7, 2020)

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