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American Medal to Lebanese-Armenian woman writer


Among some 60,000 goodreads nominated for the award, ‘The Masks’ by the Canadian Lebanese author, Nataly Restokian, received the international gold medal from the Los Angeles-based Literary Titans. Around 14 books were shortlisted for the top three awards: the medal, silver and bronze, noting that Restokian is the only Arab woman participating. The book, expected to be published by the global shopping portal Amazon, is currently the best-selling according to the latest statistics. The Masks, to note, is now available as an audiobook beating a new record after its classification by world critics as a ‘five-star’ publication. In an interview with NNA, Restokian dedicated her success to every Arab woman who silently suffers for fear of censure from family and society. (An Nahar, December 7, 2019)

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