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Angry protests in Mexico against femicide


Large crowds of protestors from women’s rights organizations took to the streets of Mexico City on Friday outraged by the brutal murder of 25-year old Ingrid Escamilla who was killed by her husband and the publication of graphic photos of her mutilated body in local newspapers. Hundreds of women dressed in black and heads covered chanted slogans deploring crimes against women which have become rampant in Mexico lately, like, ‘Ingrid we are all you’, ‘we demand responsible journalism’ and ‘sexism kills’. Demonstrators painted ‘Mexico, the killer of women’ on the presidential palace walls. They marched to the offices of the local newspaper, La Prensa, admonishing its publishing of the victim’s body. They burned trucks owned by the newspaper and asked the manager to meet them outside for an apology. For its part, UN Women condemned on Twitter the killing of Escamilla demanding comprehensive actions to eliminate violence against women and girls. Ingrid’s is not an isolated case, UN Women said. (An Nahar, February 15, 2020)

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