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Arab women Organisation still committed to enforcing laws!


The 8th Conference of the Arab Women Organization (AWO) was held in Beirut between February 23 and 25 under the theme “Arab Women and cultural challenges”, Under the patronage of President Michel Aoun. According to the organization’s general director, Fadia Kiwan, the conference focused on approaching women's issues from a cultural perspective, shedding light on the challenges faced by Arab women due to the stereotypes rooted in the social culture regarding the status and roles of women. The conference ended with a set of recommendations including the following: 1) push for research focused on closely reading and deconstructing religious texts related to women and their roles to the end of uncovering the real meaning behind them; 2) set up an Arab observatory to investigate women’s image in the cultural, artistic and media production; 3) motivate and encourage joint Arab artistic and media production with the aim to spread the notion of gender equality and the positive image of women; 4) call on Arab governments to put in place public policies and develop plans and strategies that are consistent with a holistic vision and comprehensive approach that considers the needs and roles of both sexes in society and aims to generate prospects and resources for all on the basis of justice and equality; 5) stress a better representation of women in decision-making positions in the various Arab institutions; 6) pressure governments and civil society organizations to intensify efforts in the field of women’s human rights empowerment, especially in the areas of women’s rights in inheritance and the control over their ownership, as well as their right to benefit from loans and services, the right to political participation and representation, and the right to legal protection from all forms of violence in the private and public arenas; 7) urge Arab educational institutions to incorporate principles of rational management and protection of the environment into the school curricula at all stages; and finally, 8) stress commitment to enforce laws and ensure that the objectives are reached that are set out in plans and programs through the adoption of an assessment mechanism that measures achievements and monitors hindrances in order to address them. During the conference, President Aoun underlined the need to activate the role of women in societies and accordingly launch an actual educational approach congruent with the 21th century aspirations, calling for the provision of equal opportunities for women and men, and warning that any failure to this effect would exacerbate conflict between reality and expectations. (Al Diyar, February, 24, 26, 2021)

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