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Arab women pioneering role in social advancement


In a special feature today, An Nahar wrote that it is incorrect to believe that the modern intellectual revolution was a mirror for men only which leaves women marginalized. Neither it is justifiable to claim that women literature was limited to poetry only. The Arab woman, the newspaper said, has had a fundamental role in contemporary renaissance, according to studies which documented and embraced the role of women in journalism, literature and poetry. To name a few, Warda Yaziji, Miryana Marash, May Ziadeh, Nasira Zeinnidine, Zeinab Fawaz, Julia Tohmeh Dmashkieh, Najla Abi Lamaa’, Hind Nawfa and Marie Ajami, among others who made significant contributions to the social and cultural progress of their societies. An Nahar reminded of the commitment, moderation and slow reform pattern which distinguished early women pioneers as compared to modern feminist movements that took the liberty to challenge prevailing traditions and norms and shake up the cultural thought patterns. The first and most prominent among those women, An Nahar wrote, is Miryana Marash Halabi (1848-1919), a pioneer in feminist journalism back in the Arab Renaissance period. She was only 22 when she wrote her first article in “Al Jinan” journal one year after its onset in August 1870 by Boutros Bustani. Then, the Arab world was tattered with backwardness and tyranny and women inferiority was a common notion and the Levant communities ridiculed girls’ education. (More on the following link: ( (An Nahar, September 15, 2020)

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