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Assault on girl in southern suburbs, harasser in Ashrafieh indicted


The General Directorate of ISF said in a statement yesterday that on January 21, a woman claimed to the Mreijeh Police Station against an unknown person for the disappearance of her disabled daughter (born in 1993). The latter has reportedly left her house on January 20 and returned the next day, her mother stated. The ISF statement went on to say, that upon hearing the testimony of the girl in the presence of her mother, it was found that she has been lured by three men to an area further to the South and was sexually assaulted by one of them in the car. Upon investigations, the assailant, identified as A.S (Lebanese, born in 1990), was arrested and referred to the competent judiciary, while the other two who are still at large are being hunted, the ISF statement concluded. On the same day, Beirut Court of Impeachment, headed by Judge Maher Shaito, issued an indictment against Johny A who intruded into the residence of his neighbor, Natalie R, in Ashrafieh in an evening of last December 2019, threatening her with a knife to have sex with him. The court’s decision charged the convict with a felony according to Article 50/200 of the Penal Code and referred him to Beirut Criminal Court. (Al Mustaqbal, January 30, 2020)

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