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Association Najdeh launches its anti sexual harassment campaign


Najdeh Association launched its new campaign on sexual harassment yesterday and shared, for the occasion, its documentary on the subject as well as the results of a study undertaken by Dr. Aziza Khalidi, member if the Najdeh Board, on sexual harassment in Borj el Barajneh. The study covered a sample of 116 families residing in Borj el Barajneh and showed that most women and girls are subjected to sexual harassment by family members which further intimidate them from speaking out.  The study also showed that 12% of victims of sexual harassment are children and have experienced sexual harassment in small alleys in the camp.  Witnesses also confirm that 14.2% of incidence of sexual harassment was seen in small alleys and note that the architectural structure of the camp actually compounds and facilitates occurrence of sexual harassment.  In a related vein, one of the researchers interviewed in the documentary draws a correlation between increased poverty, poor social, economic and security conditions and high population density which facilitate and encourage sexual harassment.
Source: Al-Akhbar 4 December 2013

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