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AUBMC to appeal in case of child Ella Tannus


After the accusation against Al Maounat and AUBMC hospitals and two doctors in the case of child Ella Tanus who lost her limbs 5 years ago as a result of medical errors, the medical staff at AUBMC decided to appeal the ruling which it described as ‘unfair and detrimental’ to the future of medical practice in the country. Recalling, that the indicted parties have also been fined with LBP 1 billion and 800 million for the damages incurred. In light of the above verdict against AUBMC, the AUH and Dr. Rana Sharara, concerned doctors at AUBMC met on Tuesday voicing their outright support to Sharara and to her dedication to save the life the child girl who was already suffering from bacteremia. The doctors said the court’s decision has failed to distinguish between the medical error and the complications related to the natural course of the grave illness. Clarifying that said decision was based on an outdated law that is not compatible with medical malpractice legislations adopted in world countries, they said stand by the AUBMC administration and Dr. Sharara in appealing to the court to reinstate justice in this case. (An Nahar, March 12, 2020)

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