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Bakifa Agricultural Coop: road building, wheat cultivation, training of olive farmers


As part of its initiative to support agriculture during the year 2020, the Agricultural Cooperative in Bakifa launched a road construction project sponsored and funded by the municipality to help link a one million square meters of wasteland with a network of dirt roads in Malloul area, which enabled local farmers to reclaim and use their land. It also completed the rehabilitation of an agricultural pond for irrigation purposes. In addition, the Coop kicked off a wheat cultivation plan aimed for the production of nearly 100 tons of village wheat, and purchased special rails to grow the wheat for a symbolic price (LBP 30,000). The same price was agreed for one hour of tractor plowing, including the maintenance of the vehicle at the end of the season. The Agricultural Cooperative, in collaboration with the municipality, equipped as well a storage area for its medicines and agricultural machinery, and distributed about 1000 pine and olive trees in the period between the months of February and March of last year. It also signed a contract with Fair Trade Lebanon to train olive growers on ways to improve the quality of production and marketing of the crop, with the first workshop starting early 2021 and accommodating 30 persons. Special olive cultivation machinery at USD 5,000 will also be provided, under the terms of the contract. As for the upcoming project, it involves the set-up of an oil lab that manufactures a special brand of olive oil, in cooperation with Environment for Life and funding by the EU. (Al Diyar, December 28, 2020)

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