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Bankmed financially supports seven associations


Bankmed released its gift exchange program at the end of each year to 7 Lebanese associations, in the form of USD 30,000 for each, USD 210,000 in total. The bank announcement stated that this step is in line with Bankmed’s community support principles within the framework of its CSR initiatives focusing on health and social programs. The beneficiaries are associations distributed across Lebanon whose goal is to address social, health, educational and even cultural challenges and problems through provision of necessary aid to underprivileged households, orphans and elderly communities, in addition to empowering women and persons with special needs. The targeted associations are: Orphan Welfare Society- Saida, Dar al Ajaza al Islamia, Ajialouna, Oum el Nour, Mar Mansour Association, Ahlouna Association and Institut de Reeducation Audio-Phonetique (IRAP). (Al Mustaqbal, Al Diyar, January 11, 2019)

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