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Beirut mural for promoting women in leadership


The Lebanese Association for Democratic Elections (LADE), uncovered a large mural in the Hamra neighborhood of Madkessi under the slogan, ‘You are a natural leader’. The mural is part of ‘Activating the role of women in leadership’ project supported by Hivos International in coordination with ‘Art for Change’ project. During the launch, LADE secretary general, Yara Nassar, said the association wanted to communicate a message in a creative style to serve as a muse for inspiration and strength. Every person can interpret the mural from his/her own viewpoint, Nassar maintained, hoping it will become a symbol and model for Lebanese women. She stressed that the natural place for women is leadership, the leadership of demonstrations and protests, the leadership of parties and the nation. Nassar reiterated her call to break the stereotypes against women and their roles, refusing to tolerate any political party that will not recruit women on their electoral lists in the upcoming parliamentary elections 2022, or any party that abstains from voting in favor of a bill that endorses women’s rights.(NNA, L’Orient Le Jour, August 3, 6, 2019)

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