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Beirut ranks 184 out of 440 global cities for cost of living


The 2020 Cost of Living Index produced by global database, Numbeo, ranked Beirut as 184th among 440 global cities, and 3rd among 24 Arab cities covered by the study published in Byblos Bank Weekly Monitor. The Lebanese capital, according to the above index, is the most expensive among 108 cities in the upper middle income countries included in the survey. The cost of living index measures the prices of consumer goods (relative consumer price index which covers the prices of groceries, restaurants, transportation and public facilities), in addition to the rent indicator, noting that both are benchmarked against New York City. The study has placed Beirut 168th globally, 7th among Arab countries and in 5th place among cities in upper middle income countries in the rent index. Globally, renting an apartment in Beirut is more expensive than in Bangkok, Linz in Austria and Malmo in Sweden. (More on the following link: (An Nahar, January 22, 2020)

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