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Beqaa poultry farmers lament illicit competition and West Beqaa farmers official negligence


Poultry farmers in Beqaa met in Za7hleh yesterday to call for the immediate end to the widespread smuggling of broilers and eggs into Lebanese territory from neighbouring Syria. They said local dealers and traders are stacking warehouses with tons of smuggled eggs, forcing many farmers into bankruptcy and the loss of billions, while more than 400 labourers have been sacked in recent weeks. Participants in the meeting agreed to form a committee that will visit Army commander and the director general of Customs to this end, warning plans to step up their protest and block main roads if they did not receive positive response. Recalling, that the minister of agriculture, Hassan Lakees, has promised poultry farmers to refrain from issuing import licenses in an attempt to protect the sector. On the other hand, West Beqaa farmers staged a sit-in yesterday along the Fer’a River in Gaza, Beqaa, in protest against official slackness, including municipalities and concerned unions, for failing to clean the river beds and waterways flowing into Litani River. The last storm, to recall, has drowned many homes in the area in wastewater and devastated agricultural fields and plantations along the river basin in the town of Hosh H7arimeh, Khiyara and Gaza. Demonstrators appealed to the three presidents to find quick solutions to the floods warning of escalating action. (Al Mustaqbal, March 6, 2019)

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