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Blatant violation of LGBT rights and of people with AIDS


In its today’s edition, Al Akhbar newspaper drew attention to the attempts to influence sexual tendencies of LGBTs through an interview with psychiatrist Omar Fattal, founding member of the Lebanese Medical Association for Sexual Health (LebMASH). Fattal explained that such attempts in Lebanon are still unclear, because homosexuality is still considered a taboo, pointing out that persistence on sexual transformation threatens the mental health of the person in question, starting from guilt feeling to depression and ending up in suicide. Fattal told Al Akhbar that some of the cases received by LeBMASH revealed that the therapist made them feel guilty, while another lured them to have sex with a prostitute or prescribed certain hormones supplements, though studies have not shown any relation between sexual tendencies and hormonal levels, Fattal stated. On the other hand, Al Akhbar reported the arrest by the State Security units of HIV patient, Richard G., for providing tattooing services at a beauty clinic ( It mentioned the many violations committed against the detainee, including the following: exposing the confidentiality of investigation on the media and uncovering the identity of Richard and his same sex partner who transmitted the virus; accusing Richard and insinuating the presence of suspicious parties behind him that conspire to spread the disease; a justice ministry employee refusing to hold the file signed by Richard for fear of catching the disease, and one prison guard screaming in front of the prisoners, “bring me that person with the AIDS disease, he has a visitor.” Al Akhbar also cited judiciary and security sources involved with the investigation as justifying keeping Richard in detention for 14 days without closing the case. The detainee’s record was divided into three parts, one by the disciplinary bureau at the ISF for the charge of same sex relationship, another for transmitting an infectious disease and the third for checking the legality of his work permit. (Al Akhbar, November 7, 8, 2018)

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