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Breast Cancer awareness campaign in Saida


On the occasion of World Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Hamoud University Hospital in Saida celebrated yesterday the ‘breast cancer campaign’ organized every October for the sixth consecutive year under the title, ‘It’s all about you’. The Municipal Palace where the ceremony was held and the Nejmeh Square in downtown Saida were lit with the color pink in observance of and support to breast cancer awareness. The event included the signing of a petition to the parliament and cabinet demanding the endorsement of a law requiring that breast reconstruction for breast cancer patients be part of the treatment covered by social security, the ministry of health and the Civil Servants Cooperative. During the ceremony, a program of activities was announced, including one organized by Ahlouna Association which offers free radiology and screening for women and an explanation of the importance of monthly breast self examination at home. Another activity involves hair donation to breast cancer patients under the theme, ‘it’s time for a haircut to support the cause’ at the Spot Mall in Saida. The culmination of activities will be a walkathon under the theme, ‘we support you to claim your right’ in an appeal to insurance companies to cover breast reconstruction surgeries. (Al Mustaqbal, An Nahar, October 9, 10, 2018)

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