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Byblos summer wine festival 


Under the patronage of MP Ziad Hawat and in cooperation with the Municipality of Jbeil and Bank of Beirut, the old harbor of Byblos saw on Friday the opening of the 5th edition of the Byblos en Blanc et Rose (BBR) wine festival. On the occasion, the general director of the ministry of agriculture, Louis Lahoud, boasted the high standards and quality of the Lebanese wine which promoted it to the level of ambassador to world capitals of Europe and the US, and China, soon. This, Lahoud maintained, is a result of the perseverance of local wine producers, who despite difficulties, managed to force their presence locally and internationally. Hawat, for his part, declared from Jbeil the launch of the wine tourism initiative, with this year’s slogan being, ‘supporting wine tourism in Lebanon’. This initiative, Hawat stressed, shall offer visitors the chance to explore all the Lebanese provinces, hence bolstering the wine sector. This year, Hawat said, the Lebanese wine will land in Denmark between November 4 and 7, given the importance of the Scandinavian markets, in addition to upcoming exhibitions in August over all Lebanese territories.  (Al Diyar, July 7, 2019)

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