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Calls on Arab investors to partner with the agro-processing sector in Lebanon || Newspapers (Arabic)


The Minister of Industry, Freij Sabounjian, stated that Lebanese industrialists have, over the past few years, built a solid reputation for Lebanese products and positioned them on the international market.  Sabounjian added that Lebanese industrialists have also extended efforts to develop the capacities of workers in their industries in order to boost competitiveness and quality production through developing modern laboratories. Sabounjian was speaking at the International Arab-Hungarian Forum which was held in Budapest around the theme of "Collaboration between agriculture and agro-processing".  Sabounjian noted that the history of agro-processing in Lebanon is linked Phoenician history in wine-making and olive oil production and marketing.  He also alluded to the wide outreach of Lebanese cuisine which has become a household name same as Asian and European cuisine as well as to the worldwide reputation of Lebanese wine which is now served in upmarket restaurants across the world.  Sabounjian also pointed out to Lebanon's special weather which is sunny 300 days a year and enjoys a high level of rain thus allowing a rich agriculture and a diversity of products.  He also reiterated on the skills and knowledge of Lebanese farmers who provide tasteful high quality products thus contributing to placing Lebanon on a high level especially in terms of experts.  This has also led to the creation of “LibanPack” which is the only one in the Middle East region and which provide services in packaging of agricultural products which is compatible with international standards. Finally, Sabounjian invited Arab and Hungarian investors to get to know more about Lebanese competencies and seize existing opportunities for expanding business partnerships with Lebanese counterparts.

Source: Moustakbal, Al Dyar. 14 November 2012

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