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Campaigning in Lebanon against Violence on the Web


The head of ‘Say NO to Violence’ association, Tarek Abu Zeinab, said the association is currently implementing an awareness raising and training workshop for youth and children on the dangers of electronic violence and ways to prevent it. The workshop also includes the training of trainers to monitor violations on social media to this effect. Abu Zeinab explained that the majority of violations recorded called for violence and incited adolescents to rebel against their situation through suicide or through joining extremist terrorist organizations, as detected in several Arab countries, notably in Saudi Arabia and Lebanon. On proposed measures to face this, Abu Zeinab said he will resort to international tribunals and file requests to prosecute perpetrators of violence via the internet through collaboration with foreign embassies in Lebanon. To conclude, Abu Zeinab stressed the association will not only monitor violations in Lebanon but will coordinate with activists and media experts in Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt to this end. (An Nahar, February 12, 2019)

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