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Cannabis legalization: USD 1 billion of gains versus health challenges


In its issue of today, Al Diyar newspaper wrote that at a time when some politicians engage in drafting new laws to legalize cannabis for medical uses, several unwanted challenges appear. Citing parliamentary circles opposed to the scheme, Al Diyar said the economic outcomes resulting from the legalization of cannabis, as supporting circles allege, are over-exaggerated. The far optimistic reports estimated the highest roof of financial gains at USD one billion every year, while in parallel, there is a list of drawbacks in every corner. The opposing circles questionably wondered about the side which will exclusively monitor the agriculture in the specified plantations, what is the mechanism that determines the area assigned for this crop and how to control the supply assigned for medicinal purposes. Al Diyar hinted to the mafias illicitly dominating the cultivation and the smuggling of cannabis and asked, who will ensure the regulation of production to be strictly used for medical purposes. It went on to argue that the hospitalization bill after the legalization of cannabis will surely increase as a result of the raise in the number of cannabis smokers, notwithstanding all set legal restrictions. (Al Diyar, July 9, 2019)

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