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Capital punishment for husband murder of Sarah Amin and arrest of a suspect in another case


Two years and eight months after the dreadful murder of Sarah Amin who was shot with 17 bullets from her husband’s assault rifle (, the Accusatory Commission of Mount Lebanon headed by Judge Rabi’ Hussami, issued a decision on December 20, 2017 charging the husband with premeditated murder which is faced with death sentence and with the offense of illegal possession of weapons according to Article 72 of the illegal Use of Weapons and Ammunition. To recall, the Investigative Judge of Mount Lebanon, Muhamad Badran, had earlier on August 11, 2015, issued an indictment asking for the death penalty (first degree murder) for the perpetrator, in line with Article 549 of the Penal Code and transferring the case to the Accusatory Commission pending the proceedings by the Mount Lebanon Criminal Court, which has not happened to date, as per Leila Awada, activist lawyer with Kafa organization. Awada expressed fear of further procrastination, especially that domestic violence crimes have been piling up in the courts for years. Al Akhbar newspaper cited concerned parties as calling for the acceleration of the proceedings and rulings in order to establish a ‘deterrent justice’ for such felons. On the other hand, L’Orient Le Jour, briefly reported that, security forces have last Sunday arrested the suspect convicted of killing his wife, Dalia Hijazi in August 2017 in Hermel, Beqaa. (Al-Akhbar, L’orient le Jour 9 January 2018)

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