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Celebrating World Peace day in Lebanon: May Khalil nominated for 2014 and various events to promote Lebanese heritage


Celebrations for the World Peace Day kicked off in Lebanon in a press conference organized last week under the auspices of former first lady, Mona Hrawi.  During this event, Ms. May Khalil was chosen to be the Peace Woman for Lebanon for the year 2014.  To be noted that September 21st has been designated as the World Peace Day some 33 years ago by the United Nations.  Three years ago, the CEO of Bee Events & PR Company, Nabil Tabet, in collaboration with Casino du Liban also formally kicked off celebrations for the Lebanon Peace Day.
In his opening address during the press conference, Tabet noted that the main aim of these celebrations is to reiterate Lebanon’s commitment to world peace as well as enhance and promote Lebanon’s heritage on an international level through the creation of a programme that would promote heritage in various parts of Lebanon notable Byblos, Batrun, Beit Eddine and the Cedars.  The programme consists of contributions from 5 photographers and 5 fashion designers.  Tabet noted that the photo exhibition will go on until September 21st and will take place at Saint Joseph University and the Zeytounah Bay. Photographs will then be published in a booklet which will be disseminated across the world via Lebanese consular services as well as Lebanese travel agencies.  The programme also includes a fashion exhibition to be held on 19th and 20th of September.
Source: Al-Nahar, Al-Mustaqbal 10 September 2014

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