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CEO of Qatar Airways: Industry can be led by men only!


The CEO of Qatar Airways, Akbar al Baker, said during IATA’s annual meeting, that the Qatari Airways does not tolerate gender discrimination, but added, that “of course only a man can do this job because it is very challenging.” Baker’s comments sparked wide disapproval from the international press present in the room because of his biased attitude against women. The airline released a statement later containing an apology from Baker for the harsh remarks, but stating that they have been taken out of the context. It added that the airlines have always emphasized the leading role of women, with females representing nearly 44% of its work force. On the subject, the British Guardian wrote that, Qatar Airways has long developed a bad reputation in its unfair treatment of the female crew, notably its laying off the pregnant flight attendants. BBC for its part, said last year Baker was forced to apologize for his reproachful description of US air hostesses as "grandmothers". (BBC, June 5, 2018)

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