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CGTL campaigning against foreign workers


The head of the General Confederation of Lebanese Workers (CGTL), Bshara Asmar, claimed yesterday that the country is going through an economic and social turmoil that has affected all production sectors and taken its toll on the domestic laborers working in these industries. Asmar who was speaking during a press conference with the theme, ‘To protect the Lebanese labor force’, warned that the slackness of the government in regulating the presence of Syrian refugees and the absence of monitoring and inspection at the various public departments, has made foreign competition hard to manage. Asmar called for tougher applications of laws by relevant ministries to guarantee the priority of work for Lebanese citizens and to punish violating parties by very large fines or by closure of their institutions. Asmar further stressed CGTL readiness to cooperate in order to reach decisions that safeguard the rights of Lebanese workers, preserve the continuity of local establishments and prevent illegal competition. Similarly, the head of Syndicates of Owners of Restaurants in Lebanon, Toni Rami, sustained that the labor law in effect needs updating to adapt to the workers and employers’ needs. On the other hand, MP Ayoub Hmayid, called for setting up an emergency unit headed by the prime minister to this end. (An Nahar, August 7, 2018)

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