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Children’s welfare: Sesobel shuts down short of government funding


After hints to close its doors due to financial crisis, (, Sesobel NGO for the welfare of children with disabilities, and in an address yesterday to concerned families and parties, announced that as of the beginning of next week, the charity will shut down permanently. On the subject, Al Akhbar spoke to Sesobel’s administrative director, Carmel Khoury, who stressed that the policy of ‘subsistence’ is no longer adequate in the absence of the government’s support and its slackness in releasing funds. It is true, Khoury explained, that most associations received the contracted payments for the first trimester of 2018, estimated at LB 30 billion, yet this is not enough to survive. The funds barely cover one month, Khoury lamented. She pointed out that the failure to sign contracts this current year is the main dilemma that will drive the remaining determined institutions to take similar decisions. For his part, a representative of the National Union on Mental Disabilities, Mussa Sharafedine, said Sesobel’s move represents all institutions with similar fate. Likewise, the general director of Al Hadi Institute for the Deaf, Blind and Learning disabilities, Ismail Zein, warned that if the government does not commit to conducting the contracts on time and release funds regularly, the institutions will have to cancel the academic year as of forthcoming September. (Al Akhbar, June 27, 2019)

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