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Children of Lebanese mothers allowed to enroll in public schools


The minister of education in the caretaker government, Tarek Majzub, issued on September 6, a circular advising all administrators of private and public schools to prioritize the enrollment of children of Lebanese mothers married to non-Lebanese like other Lebanese students. This decision comes from the minister’s respect of the rights of Lebanese women, the right of education to all and the need to eliminate all forms of discriminations against women. My Nationality is a Right for Me and My Family Campaign reminded on its Facebook page that it has submitted a letter to Majzub under No. 11/7656 asking him to sanction the registration in state-run schools of children of Lebanese women married to foreigners. It noted in a statement, that the issuance of the above decision now is an indication that last year’s decision to this end was repealed, adding that the ministry did not allow the enrollment of the children of Lebanese mothers before that date. In an address to all mothers and media activists who were tracking and supporting this issue, the Campaign said this decision is but a product of a call for justice and of perseverance. “We will not celebrate because we realized one of our basic rights. This is truly demeaning in this day and age. What we are basically after, is the Lebanese nationality for families of Lebanese women, the Campaign stated. (An Nahar, September 9, 2020 Nationality Campaign FB page

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