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China interested in Kleiat airport, Beirut seat for its trade agency


The revival of the Silk Road initiative linking China with Europe and the Arab region continues to be appealing. In this respect, the minister of state for the displaced, Mouein Merhbi, said that the Rene Mouwad Kleiat Airport could play a pivotal role in this direction, due to its strategic location that boasts exceptional logistic capabilities. As such, it will provide rare investment and economic related opportunities for Akkar and Lebanon through the creation of enormous job prospects, Merhbi said, stressing that many a foreign party has shown interest to this effect, namely the Chinese government. Merhbi was speaking during a ceremony held by the president of the Lebanese-Chinese Business Association, Ali Mahmoud Abdallah, in Adbel, Akkar in honor of the Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon Wang Kejian and to celebrate the Chinese-funded IT lab at the Public Technical Institute of Takrit. The donation, to recall, comes as part of ‘the development of vocational education and support to our students and upgrading our institutes to the level of developed countries’. Meanwhile, Beirut was chosen on January 16 as the MENA headquarters for the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) due to its strategic location in the Middle East, free economy and open investment climate, in addition to the logistic facilities Fransabank Group offered to the Council. To be noted, the CCPIT has 30 representative offices around the world and its job targets implementing national strategies for development, boosting foreign trade, bilateral investment and economic and technological cooperation, setting trade and economic policies, foreign trade negotiations, legal consultation, commercial and maritime arbitration and legal reconciliations. With its selection, Beirut becomes the sole representative of CCPIT in MENA, noting that the Dubai office only serves the Gulf region. (Al Diyar, Al Mustaqbal, January 17, 23, 2018)

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