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Civil organisations advocate the rights of migrant domestic workers in Arab countries || Newspapers (Arabic)


A two day workshop will be held this week in Alexandria – Egypt to work on drafting a proposed law that will guarantee the rights of domestic migrant workers. The workshop is being conducted as part of a regional project to promote the rights of migrant domestic workers in the Arab countries, and in which Lebanon is participating with a delegation of 10 people.
This regional project is funded by the EU, extends for 3 years and was first implemented in 2010, in partnership with Amel Association in Lebanon, Jordanian Women’s Union in Jordan, and the Egyptian Women Issues Association in Egypt. The project will aim at providing legal protection for domestic workers, setting up working mechanisms for assisting the victims and helping them to return to their original countries. The activities of the project include organizing advocacy campaigns to criminalize the violations against domestic workers, the forming of regional and local networks bringing together those governmental and non-governmental organizations active in defending the rights of migrant domestic workers in the 3 targeted countries.
Source: Al-Nahar 15 January 2013

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