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Clarifications on FAO project in support of women cooperatives


In response to Al Akhbar’s article on the ‘Rural Women Pioneers’ project implemented by FAO, in cooperation with the agriculture ministry (, FAO voiced surprise over the author of the feature article who did not make any effort to contact the UN agency or the Directorate General of Cooperatives to obtain the correct info. The FAO clarified, that jointly, with the ministry of agriculture, it drafted the project in line with the frameworks set by the Canadian government funding it on the one hand, and the specificities of the Lebanese reality and needs of the agricultural and cooperative sector on the other. The bottom line or ultimate goal is sustainable development, the empowerment of women-led agricultural cooperative associations and strengthening the capacities of the agriculture ministry, specifically, the Directorate General of Cooperatives, the FAO statement said. Al Akhbar newspaper’s article claimed falsely that the project’s support to cooperatives barely exceeds 24% of its budget, stating that this percentage represents the value of financial grants to be distributed to coops. FAO stressed that cooperatives shall receive considerable supplementary backing, in the form of training on administrative, marketing and technical aspects related to the specific needs of each coop. The FAO statement in conclusion, pointed out that the comprehensive training package is required to enable coops to successfully implement their respective work plans, adding, that training has constituted the cornerstone in the project and its budget won the bulk of the project’s overall budget. For more, kindly refer to the following link: : (Al Akhbar, June 13, 2019)

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