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Claudine Aoun from Riyadh highlights women’s political participation


NCLW president, Claudine Aoun Rukuz participated in the 39th session of the Arab Women’s Committee in Riyadh (February 9 – 10) organized by the General Secretariat of the Arab League-Social Affairs Sector, under the slogan, ‘Empowering Women … Development of Society’. During the meeting, Rukuz called for the advancement of Arab countries and societies saying, “it is not realistic to talk about the development of our societies when we continue to marginalize the role of women.” And, she added, “It is no longer acceptable for the Arab world to rank poorly among world countries.” The Lebanese government has set 5 priorities in the field of women’s rights and pledged to achieve them over 4 years and they are: protection of women against violence, especially during conflicts, the empowerment and rehabilitation of women to engage in conflict resolution, increasing the rate of women’s political and economic participation, the provision of aid and ensuring that women and girls can pull through hardships resulting from natural disasters and armed conflicts, the provision of a legislative framework that safeguards the rights of women and girls and protects them from all forms of violence, discrimination or exploitation. Rukuz also mentioned the rate of participation of women in several areas, notably: pharmacy nearly (70%), liberal occupations like the judiciary, law and university education (50%), first class ambassadors (30%) and finally, 25% in the medical field. (An Nahar, February 10, 2020)

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