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Committee dwells on legalization of cannabis for medical use


The parliamentary subcommittee studying the draft bill for legalization of the cannabis for medical use held its first two meetings on October 29 and November 6 and listened to a presentation by agricultural specialists on the subject. The committee however did not start revising the legal texts of the proposal, according to committee head, Yassin Jaber, who pointed out that the marijuana planted here is different from the cannabis projected for medical uses. There are many varieties of the crop, including the medical marijuana that does not make a person high. The question raised during both meetings, Jaber explained, focused on the economic feasibility of legalizing the agriculture and the proceeds going to farmers. He said he will invite McKinsey experts to elaborate on the subject, especially that the firm in its recovery strategy for Lebanon’s economy advised for legalizing medical marijuana. In a related development, the president of the ‘Al Arz al Watani’ list (Baalbek-Hermel constituency, elections 2018), General Fouad Maalouli, disclosed during a press conference on October 23, that the legalization of cannabis, similar to the US legislation, brings big cash into the State treasury, (USD 6 billion annually) and is used for medical purposes. Maalouli said the legalization is expected to help around 40,000 households under the poverty line, including 37,000 wanted fugitives. (Al Mustaqbal, October 24, 30, November 1, 8, 2018)

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