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Conference on local youth investment


The minister of tourism, Avedis Guidanian, launched on March 29, the Youth & Rural Tourism Conference, organized by Rethinking Lebanon NGO in partnership with the tourism ministry, and in the presence of representatives of diplomatic missions, tourism entrepreneurs and concerned students from various universities. On the occasion, Guidanian expressed optimism about the immediate future of tourism in Lebanon, anticipating a remarkable rise in the number of tourists, particularly visitors from Arab and GCC states. He also stressed the importance of giving young people the incentives and appropriate circumstances to make encourage them to stay and invest in their land. He pointed out that plans set by his ministry endorse rural tourism to the end of achieving a comprehensive and sustainable development of rural areas and of the overall economy. The conference spotlighted a group of young entrepreneurs who were successful to invest in their villages through rural tourism projects, hence contributing to the development of their communities and to domestic economy at large. Among these enterprises are, Darb al Karam food heritage foundation in West Beqaa, by Petra Shedid and a project by Ceasar Mahmud involving guest houses and organic farms he owns in the Shuf town of Barook, among other undertakings in Ain Zhalta, Batroon, Akura and Majdal Akura. To note, the conference will be followed by field trips over a period of three weeks in various Lebanese regions (the North, Beqaa and Mount Lebanon). The aim is to view and promote these projects on the ground and, through them, promote the concept of rural tourism. (Al Mustaqbal, March 30, 2019)

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