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Cooperation agreement between Labora and Byblos Bank on a credit card facility


An agreement was signed between the assistant manager at Byblos bank, Gilbert Zwein, and the president of the association, Father Toni Khadra whereby Byblos bank will start issuing a special Titanium Master Card for the members of Labora organisation who will be able to benefit from a number of privileges through this card including discounts, use of ATM machines, donations to the association upon each usage, etc....  The card allows its users to immediately adhere to the Bank's Akram loyalty programme which allows them to accumulate miles which can be exchanged with gifts.
This agreement was exchanged between the two parties within the framework of Byblos Bank's commitment to Corporate Responsibility which aims at providing support to associations, educational and vocational institutions, and trade unions. To be noted that Labora is a non governmental organisations concerned with training and employment of the Lebanese youth.
Source: Al-Nahar, Al-Diyar, Al-Mustaqbal 26 February 2014

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