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Country sinks in pollution, while some fanaticize about a Green Lebanon


In the midst of the escalating environmental crisis, including polluted river waters and water for domestic use, as well as air pollution, the first Lebanese Lady, Nadia Chami Aoun, on November 2, kicked off the 2018-2019 reforestation campaign from Ehmej Cedars, Jbeil. The campaign to recall, is part of the 40 Million Tree initiative. Aoun also launched the environmental project undertaken by her and the president to connect cedar forests across the country. Similarly, the leading mobile operator, Touch, announced its continuous partnership with Lebanon Reforestation Initiative through the fourth edition of ‘Touch Forests’. Touch planted 8,000 seedlings in the South as part of its support to the national forestation plan to the end of establishing a more sustainable ecosystem. On the other hand, the Environment Scouts Association in Lebanon condemned the ecological massacre of ancient forest trees in Qilla, on the highest slopes of Jourd Hrar sitting between Diniyeh, Akkar and Hermel. The association recorded the cutting of the trees calling for the immediate intervention of the ministries of agriculture and environment. (Al Mustaqbal, Al Diyar, October 25, 26, November 3, 2018)

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