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Court decides to detain MP’s daughter’s former spouse


The Baabda Execution of Court Decision Department, headed by Judge Zeina Haydar Ahmad, ordered the imprisonment of MP Nawwaf Mousawi’s daughter’s Ex spouse, H.M, for a period of 6 months should he refrain from handing his two children to their mother. The decision was based on Article 998 of the Civil Procedure Rules which authorizes the detention of a convict ordered to hand over a minor should he fail to respond. The decision, to note, comes after the father of the two children refused to execute the judicial decision issued by the Jaafari Judge Sheikh Ali Mustafa Haydar on August 2. Recalling, Ghadir is the daughter of former member of the Hizbullah parliamentary bloc, Nawwaf Mousawi who personally intervened to reclaim his daughter’s right when religious courts were not responsive ( On the above decision, Mousawi’s attorney, Jalal Zgheib, told Al Akhbar daily, that the settlement agreement is final and explicit and clearly states the visitation right of his client, pointing out that the imprisonment sentence came within the legal context. For her part, the head of the National Campaign to Raise the Age of Custody within the Shiite Community, Zeina Ibrahim, said scores of imprisonment decisions are issued every day against fathers who refuse to hand over their children to the mother. Yet, what counts is the execution of these decisions, Ibrahim said, pointing to many cases where the father continues to be on the loose encouraged by political tampering. (Al Akhbar, Al Diyar, January 3, 2020)

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