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Criminal Court of Beirut pronounces an unfair sentence against killer of his wife Manal


Two years following the death from excessive brutality of Manal Assi by her husband at their house in a Beirut neighborhood, the Criminal Court of Beirut, headed by Judge Helena Iskandar, issued yesterday an unfair mitigated 5-year imprisonment term for the killer, while charging the victim with responsibility for allegedly “unlawful, demeaning and shameful conduct”! The Court judged that the riders for a mitigated verdict are fulfilled in this special case of the defendant. It maintained that as the prosecution party has dropped all personal rights, and taking into account the circumstances of the incident and the defendant’s standards of living and owing to his provision for his two daughters, the court has unanimously decided to sentence the culprit to death, reducing and reduced the punishment to 7 then to 5 years in jail while deducting the period in detention. The pronouncement is expounded in a 45-page text entailing facts of the crime and testimonials of the defendant and witnesses. It also recalls the chronological settings of the atrocity which, according to the victim’s sister, included beating using fists, a pressure cooker and a glass bowl. The court ruling was reportedly based on the fact that the husband, in shock to find his wife on the phone with her lover, got aggravated and furious at her dishonest behavior. And as proven to the court that the murderer suffers emotional tantrums, the court found the stipulations of Article 252 of the Penal Code are vindicated in the case of the defendant, and therefore he is eligible to benefit from a mitigating sentence.   (Al Mustaqbal July 15, 2016)
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