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Curbing smuggling through cooperation with Syria


The minister of agriculture, Abbas Mortada, stressed to a delegation of potato growers he met yesterday the need for strict border control in order to stop smuggling activity and protect national economy. Every farmer and citizen has a role in safeguarding domestic production and combatting cross-border smuggling by reporting any smuggled goods in the local market, Mortada stated, endorsing on another occasion a state of emergency to this effect. On the same matter, former minister Hassan Murad, tweeted saying: “Smuggling is a prevalent pattern between neighboring countries that have trade ties, friendly relations and good neighborliness. Smuggling to and from Syria has been there since the establishing of the borders between the two nations. The only way to stop smuggling is through coordination between the governments of the two countries and economic integration, because Syria is our sole gateway to the wider Arab world.” On the other hand, Mortada disclosed after receiving a delegation of grain and sugar beet growers, that export and transit problems on Jordanian border were resolved. He also said that compensations for wheat growers are now on next week’s cabinet agenda. (Al Diyar, June 14, 15, 2020)

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