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Damascene Amal Adranli and the makrami craft


In its Friday’s issue, Al Akhbar spotlighted Amal Adranli, from Damascus, who started with crochet and makrami works in her early years. Adranli participated in contests organized by the Vanguards of the Baath and promoted her inspirations to date. In an interview with Al Akhbar, Adranli pointed out that she partook in the first edition of the Damascus International Fair after the war (1959) in addition to a number of local and Arab exhibitions and bazaars. Explaining, she said macramé is a handicraft based on connecting threads elaborately and artistically creating decorative forms and figures. She said she wanted to improve this special skill which is on the list of endangered crafts through “introducing particular details the new generation is fond of and which may encourage the acquisition of similar objet d'art,” as she puts it. About the basic tools she uses, Adranli named the hooks, wool threads and regular strings. Her products, she boasted, vary between precious stone jewelry, attire and home decorations, stressing that she used modern technology to learn and cultivate, as well as market her artefacts, through a page she created on Facebook. (Al Akhbar, Janaury 10, 2020)

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