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Death of Lebanese truck driver at Jordanian border spurs outrage


The plight of Lebanese truck drivers at the border crossing with Syrian an Jordan remain. The latest disturbing news, was the death early this week of Lebanese trucker, Hassan Janbeyn, on the Jordanian border after ten days of awaiting, a development which triggered the outrage of the Union of Syndicates of Land Transport.  It is to be recalled that the crisis within the land transport sector because of high transit fees at the Syrian border, was festering, thus earlier prompting the Union to decide to take to the streets last week and to close the Lebanese-Syrian borders at the Masna3 border crossing, according to An Nahar newspaper. The protest subsequently postponed to pave the way for further negotiations. The announcement by Syrian prime minister Imad Khamis last April on reduction of the cost of land transport for Lebanese trucks ( ), failed to calm the situation as An Nahar today reported that the fees are have not changed since then. Yesterday, the land transport union met urgently at the Labor Union premises to announce a strike for Thursday, July 11, if no action was taken by the government to resolve the impasse with Syria and Jordan.. (Al Diyar, An Nahar, July 5, 2019)
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