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Debate in France on Islam and hijab


An Nahar newspaper today wrote that the fiery debate on Islam in France involves as well the issue of hijab. To this effect, a member of the far-right National Rally on October 11 took a harsh stand against a veiled woman accompanying her son on a school trip. This extremist attitude towards the veil rather reflects nearly 59% of the French people which considers the hijab as ‘incompatible’ with their community, according to the Human Rights Council Advisory Committee. The director of research at the French National Center for Scientific Research, Sebastian Roche, commented on this saying: There is a strict attitude toward the hijab as it is considered an attack on two major revolutions in the history of France: Secularism in the early 20th Century and women’s liberation in the seventies of the past century. To be noted, the attack on the Paris police headquarters 4 weeks ago, where a staff member killed 4 of his colleagues, refueled the debate on the veil, and hence on Islam, the second largest religion in France. This debate is largely nurtured by ‘ignorance’ and ‘impulsive behavior’, An Nahar reported, citing a statement by French President, Emanuel Macron, in which he called for confronting the ‘Islamic monster’. (An Nahar, November 1, 2019)

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