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Designer Elie Saab launches the “Girl of Now” initiative to support women’s leadership


The Elie Saab Design House launched in April the Girl of Now initiative at the Dubai-based Ayyam Gallery to motivate a new generation of girl leaders and dreamers. The representative of Elie Saab House said that as women around the world have used their talents, aptitudes and skills to hit success, the initiative comes to celebrate all those women who starred in their careers to enthuse generations of young women to follow their inspirations. She stressed that the Girl of Now seeks to spread awareness around the accomplishments and learnings of ambition-driven females in order to empower them to go higher and perhaps, become leaders of the future. The initiative is based on the principle of the ‘role model’, she said, hoping girls’ active engagement in events and on the website to raise awareness on opinion leaders in the region and worldwide, would stimulate others. For her part, Elissa Freiha, founder and CEO of Womena, an angel investment platform for female investors in the Arab region, maintained that Girl of Now initiative “is an ideal showground for us to spotlight women in our network, be them investors or entrepreneurs, to celebrate their successes, and it also highlights models of smart, business-motivated and bold women to shape their career in investment and entrepreneurship, that is conventionally, a men’s world,” as she put it. (Al Mustaqbal, July 23, 2017)

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