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Discussions on pension and social protection back in the frontline || Newspapers (Arabic)


Minister of Labor Selim Jreissati convened a meeting yesterday October 2nd to review the road map for establishing the pension plan and social protection system.  The meeting was attended by representatives of the World Bank and the ILO as well as the Prime Minister’s advisor, Samir al Daher and the national advisor for policies at the ILO, Mr. Ziad Sayegh in addition to Kamal Hamdan, Joseph Khalifeh and other “experts”.
Jreissati urged participants to speed up the steps for endorsing the plan as well as put in place a coordination mechanism amongst all parties of the social contract namely employers and employees in addition to the National Social Security Fund and the parliamentarian health committee, with the aim of reaching an agreement on various contentious issues related to the financial architecture of this plan.  This will include discussing the level of contributions by employers and beneficiaries, the type of investments and insurances, hospital coverage as well as the transitory phase from the current system to a full-fledged pension plan.  The meeting also discussed the management of the plan and the ways in which transparency, integrity and quality can be insured.  Jreissati concluded the meeting by reiterating the importance of closely monitoring the work and progress of the follow-up committee which will emanate from this meeting.

Original text in Arabic: Assafir - Annahar

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