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Displaced Syrian women increasingly active in agriculture in South Lebanon


As Safir newspaper published today a report on the increase in the number of Syrian women agricultural laborers in the areas of Khiam in South Lebanon, an area which has now become  fully planted and utilized  with seasonal and permanent plants.  Indeed, after the liberation from Israeli occupation in 2000, the area including Sardeh, Omra and Wazzani became increasingly exploited for seasonal and tree planting and now hosts vast fruit and grapevines orchard in addition to potato and cauliflower fields after being set up with irrigation systems.
The report noted that the percentage of women labor in this area has increased with the influx of Syrians who have populated tents in Khyam and Marjeyoun.  Syrian women have found work as agricultural labor and are being recruited in teams thus securing some income and shelter.  These women have contributed their agricultural expertise especially those who come from similar agricultural areas in Syria.
Source: Al-Safir 18 February 2014

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