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Divorce rate in Lebanon doubles in 10 years


The statistics of the Directorate of Personal Status in the interior ministry has shown that divorce rates have increased by 101 % in Lebanon from the period extending between 2006 and 2017. Reportedly, 8850 divorce instances were recorded in 2017 against 4388 in 2006, noting that these figures are not final, given many divorce petitions pending at Sharia Courts. The latter to mention, often procrastinate in similar cases. Besides, divorces do not usually include separation, particularly within Christian communities. According to above figures, North Lebanon governorate recorded the highest divorce rates, (1840 contracts) during 2017, followed by Beirut (1486), Beqaa (1405), Mount Lebanon (1348), Nabatiyeh (1270) and the South (1231). On the subject, social researcher and religious scholar, Hassan Fadlallah, said deteriorating economic conditions and increasing poverty and unemployment rates are essentially related to the extraordinary increase in the number of divorces. He pointed to a shift in the notion of marriage due to the development in women’s situation as a result of education and participation in the labor market. Many women, Fadlallah noted, no longer accept patriarchal conception of marriage which views women as subordinates to men as well as sex objects. Likewise, Father Josepth Bou Raad stressed that the change in the role of women in society is one of the main reasons for the rise in divorce rates, as women today boast an economic role within the family, which could, in many instances, exceed that of their male partners. This increased their awareness of their rights and respect for themselves, hence, changing the requirements in the relationship with men which involves civility in communication. Similarly, legal specialist, Mari Rose Zalzal, maintained that the legal and social rules of marital relationships are no longer valid. (Al Akhbar, December 1, 2018)

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