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Doctor molesting female patient fined with L.L 15 million


The Criminal Court of Beirut headed by Judge Tarek Bitar ruled yesterday against anesthesiologist, N.B for sexually harassing his woman patient H.A after an appendectomy in June 2017 in one of the capital’s hospitals. In the details, after the surgery, the patient was transferred to a room close to the operating room awaiting the anesthesiologist to turn off the drugs and wait for her to wake up and be moved to a regular room. While in recovery, the defendant attempted to molest her thinking she was still under anesthesia, only to be surprised that the patient has awakened and started screaming. This alerted the doctors and nurses on duty to check what is happening. As a result of preliminary investigation and testimonies of witnesses, the Court decided to indict the defendant according to Article 508 of the Penal Code, sentencing him to 3-year hard labor then reducing the term based on Article 253 and replacing it with a stay of execution according to Article 169. He was also fined to cover for damages award worth of LB 15 million. 9Al Diyar, January 22, 2020)

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