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Doctor sexually harasses his patient while in hospital


In the latest incidents of violence against women, a female patient sued the anesthetist after being discharged from the hospital for sexually harassing her. She said that she woke up from anesthesia after the surgery to find the anesthesia physician harassing her believing she was still sedated. The doctor during investigation denied the plaintiff’s claim, pointing out that he was threatened by the patient to harm his reputation. Hence, and to avoid slander, he agreed to pay her USD 5,000 for a felony he claimed he didn’t commit. On the subject, Al Mustaqbal newspaper reported that the indictment requesting referral of the defendant to the Criminal Court for trial, possibly assumes that the physician has committed the act of harassment. The indictment, to recall, was based on a statement by the claimant during a conversation with her attorney when she mentioned that the anesthetist agreed to pay the sum to settle the case outside the court and on the attitude of the nurse who did not confirm that the defendant did not visit the patient’s room while she was not there. (Al Mustaqbal, January 4, 2019)

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