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Domestic violence has stronger impact on individuals than war


During a conference held in collaboration with St George Hospital University Medical Center, Ashrafieh, Beirut, IDRAAC association revealed a study covering Syrian and Lebanese students in a number of Lebanese schools which indicated that the impact of domestic violence on individuals is stronger than post war effects. The president of IDRAAC, doctor Elie Karam, said the study has shown the domestic abuse Syrian refugee children might experience produce results that can negatively affect their mental health, and is greater than the psychological trauma from war. He underlined the need for providing a healthy home environment in order to improve the refugee child’s mental life. For his part, the director of Harvard Program in Refugee Trauma at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Richard Mollica, presented a new approach that should be adopted in the case of refugees. This does not only secure children’s essential needs, of food, drink and shelter, but also focuses on the rehabilitation of their shattered psychological condition in order to enable them to recuperate and recover from stress. Mollica stressed the need to prepare refugees to return to their country from the first day of their displacement. (Al Akhbar, October 30, 2018)

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